About Kniche

Why Kniche?

Because knitters are the creative goddesses of time management. Because knitters live real lives, with homework and kids and jobs. Because knitters don’t waste time on the subway, racing around the city, or during coffee breaks.  Because knitting is beautiful, practical, relaxing, and personalized. Kniche is an empowering place for time-crunched knitters, with weekly posts, innovative patterns, and ways to fit beauty into your life. Welcome to Kniche; a place to unwind.

Author History

Once upon a time there was a fidgety twelve-year-old named Rachel who had the option of playing sports or taking a fiber arts class. Preferring solitude over sweat, the twitchy girl learned to knit, and turned her fidgets into stitches. The rest is a whimsical history of hats, scarves, and the most adorably anatomically incorrect stuffed animals you’ve ever seen.

Rachel is currently finishing a master’s in music performance, applying to law school, and city-hopping whenever possible. This blog is dedicated to her best friend Sara, the most beautiful model and inspiring muse a knitter could wish for!


2 thoughts on “About Kniche

    • kniche says:

      Hi Claire! Sorry for the delay, I don’t actually know the gauge of the skirt (I’m away from home right now) but the yarn gauge is;
      Gauge: Knit: 11st x 14r = 4in/10cm on size US11/8mm needles. Hope that’s helpful? If not I’ll get it to you asap!

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