Woven Lace-trimmed Sleeves

More herringbone stitch! I love how different yarns can give the same stitch a completely new look.


Harmony is an amazing and inspiring harpist! I am so lucky to live with such a talented artist.


Plus, I mean, she’s gorgeous.






Between the yarn, random musical instruments, and endless poetry books, our house is teeming with creativity these days.

IMG_2279 IMG_2280 IMG_2281

These sleeves are a quick knit and require a bit of light sewing. Enjoy!

Woven Lace-trimmed Sleeves


  • 1 skein worsted weight yarn, about 250 yards.
  • Size 13 straight needles.
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Ruler
  • Sewing needle and thread
  • Sewing pins
  • 18 inches of lace edging
  • Hot glue (optional)

Pattern (make 2);

  • Cast on 34 stitches, leaving a 14-inch tail.
  • Work 30 rows of herringbone stitch.
  • Bind off LOOSELY, leaving a 14-inch tail.


  • Cut the lace trimming in half so that you have two 9-inch pieces of lace.
  • Align one piece of lace with the bind-off edge of one of the rectangles. Pin it on the “wrong side” edge so that the lace ruffles evenly over the edge but the seam won’t be seen from the “right side” of the fabric. Using the sewing needle and thread, discreetly sew the lace in place with a whip stitch (being careful not to let the thread show through to the other side of the knitting).
  • Fold one rectangle of knitting in half “hot dog” style. The cast-on edge will be the edge closest to your fingers. Using the tail from this edge, sew a seam about 2 inches down from the top. Cut yarn, and weave in the end.
  • Next, using the tail from the bound-off edge, sew a seam from the bottom up, stopping to leave a 1.5 inch gap in the seam (which will be the thumb hole.) Cut yarn, and weave in end.
  • Repeat these steps with the other sleeve.
  • As an optional finishing technique, I discreetly hot glued the ends of the lace so that it looks attached…because who has time to meticulously sew white lace? Not this girl.

Stay warm!


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