Herringbone Clutch

I have been hibernating with two seasons of Downton Abbey and a new espresso machine. Imagine the knitting productivity!

Also, I have discovered herringbone stitch. I am absolutely obsessed. The texture it creates reminds me of vintage clothing, rustic sturdiness, and Sherlock Holmes. I whipped up this little clutch in only a few hours. It’s a hopeful little bag, looking forward to Spring, but the herringbone texture grounds it in Winter. It’s perfect for swing dancing or any type of frolicking. Enjoy!

Herringbone Clutch




IMG_2210IMG_2211 IMG_2212

Clutch Materials;

Size 13 needles

Size 10 needles (optional)

1 skein Bernat Softee Chunky (or any chunky weight yarn).

Clutch Pattern;

Cast on 36 sts. Work 35 rows of herringbone stitch, found here.

Bind off.

Optional button flap;

With size 10 needles, along one short edge of the rectangle, pick up and knit 18 sts. Work 5 rows in stockinette stitch, so that the “nice” side shows up, as shown in the picture below. (If you don’t want to make the button flap, you can simply sew on a zipper. I hate sewing, though.)

Next row; P 4, yo, p2tog, p6, p2tog, yo, p4.

K 1 row. P 1 row. Bind off.


Flower Material;

Size 6 needles

Scraps of white and green worsted weight yarn (or color of choice for flower and leaf)

Decorative button or bead

Flower Pattern;

Cast on 6 sts with a 6-inch tail. P 1 row.

Row 2; Kfb of each stitch across; 12 sts.

Next row, and all alternating rows; P

Row 3; Kfb of each stitch across; 24 sts.

Row 5; Kfb of each stitch across; 48 sts.

Row 6; Bind off.
Leaf Pattern;

(Make two.)

Cast on 3 sts with a 6-inch tail.

Row 1; K1, yo, k1, yo, k1.

Row 2, and all alternate rows not specified; P.

Row 3; K2, yo, k1, yo, k2.

Row 5; K3, yo, k1, yo k3.

Row 7; k2tog, k2, yo, k1, yo, k2, ssk.

Row 9; k2tog, k5, k2tog.

Row 10; p2tog, p3, p2tog.

Row 11; k2tog, k1, k2tog.

Row 12; P remaining 3 together, cut  and weave in end.

Assembly Materials;

Two white medium-sized buttons

1 sheet of craft felt

Scrap yarn and thread

Tapestry needle

Sewing needle

8-inch zipper

About 20 inches of decorative lace edging (optional)

All knit pieces

Assembly directions;

1.) Fold the herringbone clutch rectangle in half, and position the leaves and flower parts on the front so that you have an idea where you would like to sew them. Then, using the 6-inch tails of the flower pieces and a tapestry needle, sew them on, leaves first, button last, as shown in the pictures below. (Be careful not to accidentally sew the front of the clutch to the back of the clutch!)



2.) Flip the whole clutch over, and position the buttons so that they will fit the button holes of the top flap, as shown in the picture below.

IMG_2175 IMG_2174

3.) Line the bag with the craft felt, folded in half. (This is optional. I find the herringbone stitch to be plenty sturdy on its own, but it’s up to you!).

4.) Sew up the sides, and weave in remaining ends. Enjoy!


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