Matryoshka Doll Buttoned Pouch

I am sorry for the two week delay! I’ve been studying for the December LSAT while balancing schoolwork and teaching. During creative breaks, I knit up a little pouch to hold all my flashcards, inspired by this cutie, with a practical twist;

2013-11-03 07.36.40 2013-11-03 07.36.46 2013-11-03 07.37.18 2013-11-03 07.38.03 2013-11-03 07.38.20 2013-11-03 07.38.47 2013-11-03 07.39.54 2013-11-03 07.40.09 2013-11-03 07.40.28 2013-11-03 07.41.57

For me, stress = quirky knits. But it’s nice to house my little stresscards in something adorable. The juxtaposition makes me feel almost rebellious.

Let me know if the pattern is too frazzled to understand. Enjoy!

Matryoshka Doll Buttoned Pouch Pattern


Size 8 double-pointed needles

Black yarn, less than 100 yards

White(ish) scrap yarn

Red(ish) scrap yarn

Tapestry needle

Red colored pencil

Tapestry needle

Beige and yellow felt

Two small buttons

Crazy glue or hot glue


With black yarn, cast on 18 stitches and join into the round.

First round; Kf&b twice, K5, Kf&b four times, K5, Kf&b twice. (26 sts)

Next round; Kf&b, K11, Kf&b twice, K11, Kf&b. (30 sts)

Next round; Kf&b, K13, Kf&b twice, K13, Kf&b. (34 sts)

Next round; Knit.

Next round; Switch to white. Knit around.

Next round; Tie on red, and begin colorwork. This round; *K 1 white stitch, Knit 1 red stitch, repeat from * around.

Next round; K2 white, K1 red, *K3 white, K1 red, repeat from * around, ending on three white sts.

Next round; *K1 white, K1 red, repeat from * around.

Next round; Cut off red yarn, and tie on black yarn. Knit 1 row with white. Knit the next row with black, and then cut and tie off black.

Next 2 rounds; Knit with white.

Next round; Tie on red, and knit 1 row with red. Cut and tie off red.

Next round; Knit with white. Cut off white.

Next round; Using black for the rest of the body, K17, K2tog, K13, K2tog. (32 sts.)

Next 3 rounds; Knit.

Next round; K16 sts, and BO 12 stitches, K until end of round.

Next round; Knit around until where you began to BO sts in the last round, and cast on 12 sts. Join where you finished binding off sts in the last round, and finish knitting until the end of the round.

Knit 8 rounds with black.

Next round; K2tog, K12, K2tog twice, K12, K2tog. (28 sts)

Next round; K2tog, K10, K2tog twice, K10, K2tog. (24 sts)

Next round; K2tog, K8, K2tog twice, K8, K2tog. (20 sts)

Next round; Binding off, K2 tog twice, K2, K2tog four times, K2, K2tog twice.

With the piece inside out, sew the top and bottom openings together. Cut yarns and weave in ends.

Buttoned flap;

At the opening; Pick up and cast on 12 sts. Work 3 rows in k1p1 ribbing. Cast off, cut yarn, and weave in ends.


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