Strapping Young Lad Bag


There are some patterns from my younger knitting days, like this one, in which I am absolutely baffled at the immature presentation. For example, this picture?!

Yes, my 5-year-old brother is adorable and wrapped in a tartan blanket. But the world did NOT need to witness the small music/yarn explosion that was my teenage bedroom. Hopefully the pattern will speak for itself.

Strapping Young Lad Bag

2 skeins Paton’s Shetland Chunky Tweed
Size 10.5 straight needles
Tapestry needle
A fat quarter of fabric for lining
2 leather buttons
2 snap closures
sewing needle and brown thread


-Cast on 36 stitches
-Work in seed stitch until piece measures 17.5 inches. (weird number, I know)
-Cast off.

-Pick up 30 stitches alongside one of the shorter sides of the body (i.e. the row you just cast off) Leave a three-stitch margin on either side, so that the stitches you are picking up are centered (your flap won’t be as wide as the body, obviously.)
-Work in seed stitch until the flap is 4 inches long.
-Knit 2 together, work rest of row in seed stitch until the last 2, and knit 2 together.
-Repeat this last step 3 more times. (22 stitches)
-Cast off, not too tightly.

-Cast on 10 stitches.
-Work in seed stitch until the piece measures about 30 inches. (You can make the strap as long or as short as you want.)
-Cast off.

Ok, this part is a little ambiguous. I lined the strap with another piece of knitting to make it sturdier. I think I cast on 10 stitches on size 6 needles (for a ridiculously tight gauge) and knit until it measured the length of the actual handle part (not including about 8 inches from each end of the piece that will serve as the sides of the bag). You can also just line it with fabric.

Now fold the body in half, and sew about 7 inches of strap along each open side to serve as the sides of the bag. (If you need more clarification on this, let me know haha.) Sew on the buttons (which are actually purely for decoration), and sew snaps underneath them (which actually serve a purpose). I did this because I wasn’t sure where exactly I wanted to put the buttons on until I was finished. I used metal snaps, but you can use magnetic, Velcro, whatever. I know you are creative. Line the bag and you’re done!

Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

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